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Friday, September 13, 2013

We are home, we are good......soooo good!!!

Whewwwww, home sweet home has a new meaning!!! After waiting what seemed like forever on the customs line and getting our luggage, we got "picked" to not go through the exit doors but to head to line A - ugghhhh. For whoever has not gone through the whole security checkpoint this is where you get to have ALL of you luggage gone through - first the X-ray machine thingy then by hand by security! Are you kidding me is what I kept saying as we stood there watching the group in front of us that took at least 20 minutes and then more time with the gov't workers dilly-dallying to call us up next. When they called us up the women said "who is the immigrant?" I said this is our son who we just adopted and whose Dadda and brother are waiting on the other side of those doors to meet him (tears were ready to flow). She congratulated me and then asked if we had any food. I told her only the Cherrios and a few treats we brought to China for him. She asked if we had any fruit, vegetables, meat, etc and I said no to all - she said go on through and enjoy!! We were so excited to not have to wait any longer.
We went through those doors and walked through many people waiting for families and friends. We saw Jerry first with his arms up and then I saw Eric holding Anthony. I called Anthony's name and he saw me and screamed and jumped up in Eric's arms and then jumped down running to me (are you crying yet, because I am). I went to pick him up and boy is he heavy and solid - I've been holding Gabriel who is a peanut in comparison. I could swear Anthony grew an inch and gained 10 pounds! We will be putting both boys on the scale and height charts later! After all, it's almost one year since Anthony has been home and a US citizen (ahhh, and yes, even though he screamed and screamed I kissed Gabriel over and over as I cried when the wheels of the plane hit the ground - just like Anthony but he was at least sleeping). I introduced Gabriel to Eric as Dadda and he smiled!!!!! It was so incredible to see Eric and Anthony (and Jen and Jerry) at the airport.
We got in the car and Gabriel fussed a little bit as I put him in the car seat but he saw Anthony in his and I sat in between both of them. Gabriel smiled the rest of the way. Anthony, Gabriel and I sang Five little monkeys jumping on the bed - over and over they both loved it and Eric was taking it all in.
When we got home I headed in to greet the dogs so they weren't too nuts and the three boys waited in the car. Gabriel screamed of course. As soon as I opened the door and picked him up he stopped crying and the dogs were a non issue!!!! Didn't even phase him!!!!! Compared to Anthony screaming bloody murder last year - this was truly amazing!
We were up for a little bit and it was tough for Eric because Gabriel wouldn't let him near him. We were able to keep Anthony from being upset by explaining to him what Gabriel was going through. Soon I turned in with Gabriel. I will be sleeping with him and inching my way out little by little. He woke up a few times but found me quickly. He woke up somewhere around 3:30 ish and he was wide awake! We tired the iPad for a little while but he grew bored so we got up. Eric joined us on the couch (because who could sleep with the screaming). Eric sat on one side of Gabriel and I on the other, all on the couch with the iPad in between. Gabriel fussed every time Eric got close to him. I showed Eric the games we played on the iPad and held his hand to show Gabriel. He got a little better but was still very shaky. Anthony got up and we watched Scooby Doo together. Gabriel got fussy even when Anthony got close but we didn't pay any attention to it. Time to eat pancakes. We all sat down and Eric was again on one side of Gabriel and I on the other. I fed Gabriel one and he didn't take it from Eric until I held Eric's hand and guided him to Gabriel's mouth. Before we knew it Gabriel took the food from Eric with no problem. He ate a little more than one pancake! And by the way, he has been eating Cheerios and puffs since I started typing this. He even got the high chair table to show me he wanted to sit there and eat!!!!
Next, China gift time. We all gathered around the dining room table and plopped Gabriel right on top. Anthony was so excited to get all of his gifts (Eric too) and Gabriel just played with anything on the table around him. When we were done (felt like Christmas - yes I had to buy another piece of luggage but in my defense I (like Anthony) bought items as future gifts for Gabriel) I put Gabriel on the floor and started putting things away. He was shaky at first holding on but - get ready for this - before you knew it he was running around the house like a typical two year old along with his big brother!!!!! I mean running around - and laughing - and running around - and did I mention laughing - and dancing (yes, came home with one of those annoying "ya ya" players from China - had to).
Then - are you ready??? - before we knew it he was playing with Eric and Anthony. Eric was able to touch him and even hold him on his lap while sitting on the floor. There was dancing and laughing and babbling!!!! I have to say that I just took it all in! I couldn't believe that he transitioned that quickly. I knew he would but this quick was amazing. He did know Eric was Dadda due to all the Skyping and he knew Anthony was Ge ge. Eric and Anthony's faces were familiar to him. I wanted to record all of this but just took it in. I don't know at what point Eric said this but he said "boy, when he cries it's an all out scream with full flood of tears! Yup!! As we played, he handed Dadda the magnets and handed them to Momma and Anthony as instructed. It was just amazing. I mean this kid was running around like he lived here all along (my mom could testify to this as she heard it all while on the phone). I can't yet walk out of the room - although he could.
I know we have a long way to go but we couldn't be any happier right now! We couldn't be any more blessed. We prayed over breakfast for a smoother transition and our prayers have already been answered.

And for those who who read my agonizing post about the screaming day(s) got better after that painful Sunday and part of Monday. We did have lots of smiles and tickles and all around good stuff. It was a difficult trip with me being on 24/7 without Eric there. It was certainly hard - thank you for listening and for sharing that even birth parents have those days of uncertainty. You have no idea how comforting your thoughts and prayers were. We do think that there might be some digestive issues with the new food but we think it's more of a sensitivity crying. He has many signs of it. We do have a doctors appointment on Tuesday for the medical part and we will take it from there. Ahhhh, breathing right sure feels good!!!!

(more pictures to come)!!!

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