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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

So what have we been up to?

I will absolutely get back to China pictures but I know you all want to know what we've been up to since four became six!

All FOUR buckled in leaving the airport:

Yup, Superhero's and cartoons cross the language border!

More to play with!

Reminded Eric of the advantages to having so many boys (besides forming some sports team):

Lost a tooth already? (Michael's tooth as his brother takes a closer look)

Well at least I don't have cavities (Michael takes a peek at Matty's cavities)!

The letter factory - the A says Ahhh, the B says ..... ok, then they snuck in another superhero movie!

I was in the kitchen when I heard giggling and found this:

Which turned into this:

And our first grocery shopping trip (after the eye doctor where we knew both new boys would need glasses):

We will keep you updated! Please, please continue to pray as adjustments do have their ups and downs!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

March 9th = Gotcha x 2

From a FB post early the morning of Gotcha Day:
Heading to the bank in China in an hour to exchange all the monies we raised from the t-shirt fundraisers to pay for the in country fees for the adoption of our two beautiful boys. For those who contributed to the fundraiser, thank you & know that you & many others are part of this day. Then at about 3:00 we will meet them in our hotel room! Needless to say, this Momma's belly is nervous!!!! Praying for our boys to have a safe journey (about 2 hours) to us!

And NOW for Gotcha Day:

 (notice Michael - blue coat - has our family photo book that we sent him in his hands)

Long awaited hug:

 Meeting Dadda on Skype:

Erica - this one is for you - we shared that we know you pointing to your picture (for those who don't know Erica, she was Michael's camp buddy at Camp Bring Me Hope for Orphans - she got to love on our boy before we did):
 Travis- this one is for you - we also shared that we knew you as we pointed to your picture (for those who don't know Travis, he was not Matthew's camp buddy but Matthew and him had a special bond at Camp Bring Me Hope):

 Sharing pictures I had of them:

And here is where the problems began - the teacher downloaded a program called QQ on my phone - the Chinese version of FB (kinda - instant messages  -yes in Chinese and FaceTime). This is the guide telling me it's not a big deal, see this is what it is. Ahhh, yes this is a problem because I don't read Chinese!!!:

Heading out to get family photo's for paperwork:

Hmmm, report said "he does not like chickens" -ahhh, yes he does!:

Yup, trying to take this QQ away from them was a HUGE problem. They would rather talk to older friends who are out of the orphanage as well as the caregivers than this Momma. This was our big issue in the first province. Somehow it didn't work in the second province - wonder how that happened?!

 The washing of the feet! Apparently they only bathe at the orphanage once a week but they must wash their feet overnight before bed. So getting ready for bed turned into this:

 First family picture via Skype:

Long day - after much tickling and light turning on and off - time for sleep:

Stay tuned - more to come as time permits. Please keep those prayers coming for the adjustments of everyone in the family as through Him anything and everything is possible!

Two more US Citizens

And just like that, we go from this:

to this:

Welcome two new Pellegrino boys - Matthew and Michael! (at some point we hope that Matty smiles in pictures especially family pictures)

I am sorry that I was unable to access the blog in China. Our VPN didn't work. It was a tough trip without a second parent. Jennah's role was really to be there just for me with limited interaction with the kids. I think that each major step (ex moving from province to province then home) brought different challenges. Happy to be home with ALL my boys!

I'm going to post post Gotcha day! Please pray for our family as we adjust together to our new lives!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

experiencing operating difficulties

Hi....yes, we are safely in China and with our boys. We are however having a ton of problems trying to upload pictures (and typing on this old broken computer is just not fun). Will keep trying!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

In China

From my FB page right before travel:

Deep breathe....I am so just overwhelmed with love right now! I spent a lot of glances today looking at my two little ones in complete amazement of who they are and how far they have come. Just pure amazement and so much love. Then my husband taking this incredible journey with me (not the physical trip but this amazing journey through life). Whewwww. Now heading back again to China to meet two more of our sons. I am just in awe. God's fingerprints are all over every step of ...the way and we couldn't be more grateful. Thank you to the many people who have stood behind us in this journey whether it be through pure joy for us, financially assisting us, praying for us, checking in on us, or even just thinking of us throughout the process. We can't wait to share our boys with everyone! (and boy am I going to miss all of my boys - two and four legged - while I'm in China)! Please pray for all of us!

I cannot believe that I am in China again!!!! I am just so overwhelmed! I truly can't believe that I am on the same soil as our boys! It's been a year in process and while it seems like just yesterday that I first saw their handsome faces, it feels like a lifetime at the same time. I cried when we landed in Beijing (I think I am getting more emotional  over stuff like this everyday - I think it is because I now know what it's like to love a child of your own and now to get to love FOUR BOYS!)

While in Beijing for only a few hours, we had the amazing opportunity to meet with our guide from when we adopted Anthony at the airport. We had some coffee and tea with him and his wife and darling little daughter. It was just so nice. William and his wife visited us in the states last winter and it was great to see them again. William will always hold a special place in our hearts as he was there when our family welcomed our first son Anthony and he treated Anthony like his own child when we had an emergency medical -life threatening - situation with Anthony a day after we got him. We are forever grateful and it was extra special to see him again (& meet his little princess).

We had a chance to say goodnight to all my boys in MD through Skype (wish they were here), had breakfast and are now anxiously waiting to hear from our guide to find out the plans to meet the boys tomorrow. Anthony drew a picture of three people in a heart and it said "I love you so much". He told Eric it was him, Gabriel and Dadda in the heart. Then when I saw him on Skype he said that it was Momma, Michael and Matthew. Eric shared about the first version and then Anthony went back and drew three more people in it! Too funny and I can't believe we will be six!!!

I am going to sign off for now. Please pray for a safe journey of our boys to us ( a few hours a way) and that they are not afraid of what is ahead of them - that they feel the comfort of God within them!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Travel dates

YAY!!! YAY!!!!! YAY!!!!!

We were not expecting to get our consulate appointment date until the 23rd but it came this past Tuesday!!! So me and my trusty travel partner will be heading to China on Friday the 6th while Dadda holds down the fort and our two little ones until we return on Saturday the 20th! So excited!!!

We have been busy moving bedrooms around, getting mattresses, getting booster seats, getting this and that and TWO of this and that!!!! One month from today I will be landing on US soil with two more sons - once we hit that ground they are US citizens (yup, gonna cry like I did the first two times)! One month seems so far away but I have to remember that it under two weeks we will be leaving......LESS THAN TWO WEEKS? I have ALOT to do - gotta go!!!

(please pray for the adjustment of our family especially these two boys who have only experienced life in an orphanage and are about to leave everything they know behind)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Love, love, love is in the air!!

Meet our sons is more like it!!!! Thanks to an incredible young man Robert  - not only an advocate for many orphaned children but really one of the most amazing young men I have ever - actually - not met. Robert posted the above pictures on February 14th, 2014 - yes, Valentine's Day last year when I first fell in love with these boys - and just one day before Valentine's Day this year we received our travel approvals for these two handsome boys (probably because Valentines Day this year was a Saturday and we wouldn't get anything on our adoption process on a Saturday)! Yes, yes, yes - God works in amazing ways and handed us - not one, but two valentine gifts two years in a row! (by the way, our first two boys had the significance of Labor day for Gotcha days)! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE is definitely in the air!!!

With all of the holidays next week - President's Day and the Chinese New Year - we will not be able to hear from the US consulate in China about our appointments until February 23rd for either a March 6th or March 13th departure date!!!! By the way after much praying, it was March 12th last year when we finally locked in these two boys with our agency! I will be meeting our sons for the first time on either March 9th or March 16th. And by the way, Anthony was telling everyone that his brothers were coming home on March 21st (we never indicated any dates with him) and he could be right if we get the first gotcha day and the middle choice of consulate appointments! (and he is beyond excited to be getting two more brothers and that he and Matthew will both be the middle brothers while he is both an older brother and a younger brother)!!!!!

Deep breathe!!!!! So while we wait to hear from the consulate, we are getting ready for our boys. This Momma is doing a lot of nesting! We are enjoying the semi- quietness of the house (as compared to having four boys over two) and we are just feeling so grateful for so many people who have prayed for us, prayed with us and helped support the financial end of the process (and don't forget those who listened to me go on and on about nothing whenever I was (am) full of excitement over these boys). We are eternally grateful! We are so glad that each and every one of you have joined us in this amazing journey. 

Now, I need to go do something that has to do with these boys coming home (aka - nesting) but I ask for prayer for the third boy who we prayed over, the third boy who was posted on the same Valentine's Day as our boys were, the boy we couldn't take home - please pray that his family found him or finds him very soon - thank you and God Bless you!