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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lots of pictures

Since a picture is worth a thousands words, I thought I'd share thousands and thousands of words:

Bowling fun!

Play ground monkeys:

Ohhh NO:

Matty as his brother's dentist:

You know there was fun had by all when they are ALL sleeping on the way home:
Too cool:

More playground fun:

First time at church was Easter Sunday:

Having three older brothers to keep up with is exhausting:

 Easter egg coloring starts off nice and calm:

And quickly turns into this:

But one boy doesn't have anything on his fingers:

Easter morning:

 Successful Easter egg hunt:

Matty loves the animals!

Matty's Birthday:

I love how the three of them were so together on every card and gift!

Worn out again!

House showing so we went on a picnic on the Yankees season opener:

Neighborhood hang out:

Michael's first day of school:

Everyday fun with the side mirror camera while waiting for the bus:

Bird feeder fill up:

 Studying hard:

Things are going very well. Thanks for checking in. If I could just plug my brain into the computer when I have thoughts of all that I want to share in a blog then this blog would be packed! This has been an amazing journey to say the least! We are beyond grateful for what God has given us and for all of those involved in helping us bring all of these boys home. Thank you! Please pray for the many children that still don't know the love of a family!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

So what have we been up to?

I will absolutely get back to China pictures but I know you all want to know what we've been up to since four became six!

All FOUR buckled in leaving the airport:

Yup, Superhero's and cartoons cross the language border!

More to play with!

Reminded Eric of the advantages to having so many boys (besides forming some sports team):

Lost a tooth already? (Michael's tooth as his brother takes a closer look)

Well at least I don't have cavities (Michael takes a peek at Matty's cavities)!

The letter factory - the A says Ahhh, the B says ..... ok, then they snuck in another superhero movie!

I was in the kitchen when I heard giggling and found this:

Which turned into this:

And our first grocery shopping trip (after the eye doctor where we knew both new boys would need glasses):

We will keep you updated! Please, please continue to pray as adjustments do have their ups and downs!