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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Too precious...

For those of you on FB - occasionally I will post the same pictures as FB but not always so keep checking in & scroll down for more :)

Here are our breakfast pictures:

 He just loved scrambled eggs! And because it was Sunday, the buffet was longer so we took our time and tried all sorts of goodies! He love the steamed pork dumplings but hate the rice. He - of course - love the jellies and he even liked the oatmeal (with brown sugar). And he still loved his watermelon and cantaloup. It blows my mind when they give you a kid that they claim does not have an appetite so they give him formula. OK, ahhh, this kid may not eats tons at a time and may be slow to eat but he does enjoy eating. Ok, so we had to try a little bit of this:

All of you who have been to Guangzhou before know exactly where we are! Just a little :)

So we had a rough night as he woke up in the middle of the night and it took about 2 1/2 hours to get him back to sleep. Then a rough morning, then a rough trip to Shamin Island for some shopping:
Here I am trying to keep him from crying while getting the money out! The foster family let him watch a lot of TV from the looks of things. He doesn't like shopping - great, that's not going to work (I think Dadda bribed him). He has napped in the "sack" before so we thought it was ok but soon found out it was a losing battle and we returned for a little bit of playing and lots of napping (I didn't take mine though, uhhh ohhh).

We have decided to skip all of the optional tours as we are not sure how he will do. I don't think he would get much out of the Safari and I am afraid if he starts crying on the Dragon Boat that he will disturb the others or I will jump off :). (have I mentioned he's a screamer - as I hear another child screaming in the hallway - I was going to go out there and tell them they aren't the only ones but they are quite now. And by the way out there - please do not touch my kid ever - ESPECIALLY when he is crying - I can not tell you how many people touched him today when he was crying - really?? I don't ever remember touching someone else's kid - never mind one I didn't know - when they were crying. By the way - if ANYONE touches him (even Donna who he has seen here 24/7) he screams and cries ALOT!!! No I don't need you to touch his feet to see his shoe size - yes, HE is a boy wearing pink shoes 'cause he's proud in pink supporting a cause (or because that's how he came -lol). Can you tell I might need a nap? Still all of those laughs at breakfast and the tickling before his nap make it all worth while!!!
Thanks for checking in - and be sure to pray for those families out there that are at home waiting to travel to meet their little ones!
Check back for more on the countryside visit, the orphanage, the foster family and I don't know, anything else!!!

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