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Monday, September 23, 2013

Life is good!

Every single day I want to jump on this blog and just tell you how AWESOME this all is - but I am too busy ENJOYING THE AWESOMENESS!!!! Sure are there still some screams here and there (no, not me :) ) but overall it is just great. Our little one is doing sooooo much better - and better and better each day. Tonight I tried to put him down to bed. We went through the whole routine and as I put him in his bed he just laughed and laughed (I think he actually laughed at me). About an hour later, he was still laughing and giggling!!! I took him out of the room for a few minutes (fed him, 'cause remember he doesn't have an appetite) and he just kept laughing. Needless to say, Anthony took forever to fall asleep tonight also! Hmmm, something in the air maybe (or maybe that nap that they BOTH took today at the same time had something to do with it - the car is an amazing tool). Well, Gabriel (who yes, has fully transitioned to Gabriel) let me rub his back and was quickly asleep! Wow, just a week or two ago I couldn't touch his shoe never mind rub his back!!!

Anthony is doing well. He is a typical big brother where he jumps in there for attention when he gets the urge! He gets very mushy too (which this Momma can never get tired of). He is so good when Gabriel does cry as he brings a toy every time! Even out in public whenever he heard a child cry he would get upset and ask why so this is no surprise. It's been interesting to see the differences between both boys adjustments. Anthony was in an orphanage for over 3 1/2 years of his life. It was not a good orphanage and had about 800 kids in it. Apparently the first 2 1/2 years of his life he was what they called community raised and didn't have much interaction with anyone. His early reports were pretty poor and then just as we found him a new report came out that indicated great changes in him (when we questioned the big changes they said it was because they no longer community raised0. Gabriel was in a small orphanage - a pretty decent one (if that is even a word that belongs in the same sentence as the word orphanage) with lots of programs - for the first 11 months of his life (well 10 because he was "found" at about one month old) and then the next 15 months in a foster home.

Oddly enough, Anthony had (and still has) a hard time just jumping into play with someone new. He also could not just play on his own. He had to be taught how to play. Gabriel has no problem playing with another child he never saw before and he easily plays on his own. He learned how to play where Anthony had to be taught how to play. In some orphanages they toys are just for show. Gabriel has no problem with the dogs and cat (they said in one of his reports that he doesn't like small dogs or cats so I was hoping that he liked big ones and he does). Anthony cried as he clawed his fingers into me when he first saw the dogs. We did get him to give them treats the next day (even small ones out of his hands) but he can still do without them (even pets them now when we comment how Gabriel pets them). For a long time after Anthony came home he would claw onto me when the dogs came in the room. Of course there is jealousy all around the house as the dogs are jealous of the new kid in town also! Jingsy our cat runs in the other direction as Gabriel loves to pull his tail. Pulling the tail of 70 pound dogs is no bother to them.  I certainly know that no two kids are alike - I am just enjoying seeing the differences and perhaps based on their pasts!

Here are some fun pictures:
 He took it right off my plate!

 Ice cream time!!

 Loves to chase tail...wait, that didn't sound right!

 So sweet!

 My boys!


 Need to practice the make a funny face for the camera!

 Already got the younger brother to push him in a toy car!

 Needs a little extra Momma attention!

 I think he's getting the hang of this!

Already bugging the big brother!

Lots more to share but wanted to get this posted! 

Before I go......A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to our Both Hands Project - a few days ago we heard the final tally of $3782. We just got the list of contributors and are working on the THANK YOUS!!!!!!! We haven't forgotten about you and all the others who contributed before I went to China - we are so thankful and will send out those official cards soon!!!! 
Thanks for checking in and keep those prayers for those little ones who still need forever families! 

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