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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lots to celebrate

so sorry that I haven't reported in... I typed up a ton and then deleted it by accident, ughhhh - so here we go:

NiHao from China!!!! As you can imagine, we've been quite busy bonding in China. Instead of being able to get JiaJia (not yet Gabriel - pronounced Zja Zja) on Monday the 2nd, we weren't able to get him until Wednesday the 4th. This was a major upset as I wasn't really interested in being a tourist in China. But let's get back to that another time as I am sure you want to hear about our little man!!!!
Here he is:

He came in on Wednesday SCREAMING!!! And I mean screaming - boy does he have a set of lungs and they warned us the few days before. I couldn't even touch him. They tell him that I am Momma which I am sure is crazy confusing even though he calls his foster mom something else. I tried playing with the toys with him but he wouldn't touch any of them and he didn't eat until Thursday morning! I was getting a little worried there. Because we got him late and we had to fly out Friday we had to do much of the paperwork in the room including a family picture - again, he wouldn't let me touch him (just so you know, now 4 days later, only I can touch him). He is just too precious and a little one - even smaller than the sizes I brought. The first night he woke up twice screaming and it seems to take either sitting in front of the computer or the ipad to calm him down (I think he spent a lot of time in front of the TV unfortunately). The third time that night he woke up but didn't scream and was just looking for me. So he had a bottle that morning and we went to breakfast and he had a little rice noodles and lots of watermelon (just like Anthony with the watermelon). When we got back to the room we were lying down together and I was actually able to give him kisses on his hand while he was sucking his thumb. It soon turned into our first smile and then more with giggles! It was just amazing!!! And they said he didn't have an appetite! Well maybe they should feed him something more than just congee or noodles! I gave him cheerios and he was loving them. He tried those little puffs and spit it out first and then a bit later tried again and he was loving them too! When he ate enough he started playing with them (and took the containers to get more) using two bowls and spoons dumping them back and forth (ok, who is sleeping in that bed tonight?) and we did mixing. He even did pretend play when there was nothing in the bowl or spoon as he fed me and himself. He was babbling a bit too and I think he said "MMMMM" because I was doing that with him. Earlier he did feed me when I asked him too & he even gave me handfuls (got on video but can't download here). It was just too much fun!!! Soon he tried all sorts of things (he may have some sensory issues with the different food but that is expected) and liked most of them. This boy is going to eat!!!!
I have been playing a game with him on the iPad (the iPad has been a saving grace when he cries - again, I think it's the TV thing) called Animals hide and seek. I've been repeating the name of the animals and he can now not only touch the screen but he can pick some of them out from their hiding places. Then we opened up the itsy bitsy spider and what laughter!!!! He loved making the spider jump along with another character going down a rainbow "weeee" - he tried to say "weeee" and I was able to incorporate tickles!!! Tooo awesome!!! Here are some pictures:

I promise to post more....I still have lots to share.....the amazing-ness  - while sitting at the medical check - of seeing all of these beautiful children being adopted....the visit to the country side where they think our little guy is from....the orphanage visit with the foster parents (tears) and his finding place (more tears).....the information about his possible much.....but for now I need to get some sleep for more adventures tomorrow. Thank you for all of the continued prayers - please continue to pray that more children are able to find the love of a forever family!!!

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  1. Kim I am so happy that things are going well. He is so sweet and as you know after you get home he will transform so fast. It will be so fun for him to play with his brother. Take care, love and prayers sent your way. Jodi