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Monday, September 30, 2013

Adoption is not for the faint of heart.....

.....I type this post as I continue to pray (like I have been doing all day for the past week) for a sweet little angel Walter. Walter was adopted at the same time  from the same city as Anthony. His forever family includes his momma, dadda and three sisters (beautiful family). Walter has been fighting for his life for the past week. He has been battling uro-septis and now peritonitis on top of it. Drain tubes aren't enough at this point. He was in surgery the last update and we are desperately waiting to hear how his little body is doing. You have no idea how lucky you are until you are face to face with a child's life in danger. Another friend who also adopted at the same time from the same orphanage - although her daughter is healthy after being 15 pounds on gotcha day at 4 years old - struggles with the damage that her angels little body has endured leaving her developmentally delayed in too many ways. I feel blessed and I promised not to complain when Gabriel cries (our screaming angel).....I promise to remember just how blessed we are. Although we are not standing there besides our friends (we so wish we were) that invisible red thread they talk about is so binds our hearts.....there are no words to describe it. I sit in silence while I stare blankly at this screen...I am without words....I can only keep praying....I ask you to do the same... for Walter and his forever family....for Claire and her forever family.....for all of those forever families that are not born to be faint at heart but to be strong for their forever families...

I promise more pictures soon....good ones to share....just need time for prayer right now....thank you.

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