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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Souvenirs from China and the countryside.

Ughhhhh.....still not sure what this souvenir is that I brought home from China!!! Waiting for test results  as they can't treat it until they know exactly what it is but in the mean time stomach pains, lower back pains, burning stomach, etc. At least the nausea and cramping has gone away thanks to the meds (which by the way make me more tired than I already am) and with that I can eat once a day! Ughhhh......but ya know, the best souvenir is this little angel:

I know I should be sleeping but I wanted to share a little about the countryside trip we made. The escort took us there as she felt that our little guy and the other couple we were traveling with came from that area. She thinks our Gabriel is part of the Zhuang nationality based on his looks. He was also abandoned at a transportation hub that has easy access both in and out to leave a child there (ughhh). They do at least leave the children in public places where they can be found (gotta find the light in there somewhere). So we visited the countryside where the women take care of the farms while the men work in the city and only come home for the big holidays (Chinese New Year & also the Moon festival which begins either today or the 19th). They really live with very little.
Street market - fruits and vegetables looked great!

Still could not get use to have meat out in the open either in a store or on the street (she held a stick with a red plastic bag to swat away the flies)

See how she measures the weight of the items being purchased. 

Universal language - the smile!
It was tough to see kids that were "permitted" to stay with their family instead of being abandoned. Every time I saw a pregnant woman I said to myself - boy I hope your baby is as perfect as you want because I don't know how many times I can come and save the ones you throw away!

That face tells a story or two or three...

 Working through lunch.

Washing clothes.

Drinking water in front, washing water behind it. 

The houses are designed to hold animals on the main level and humans up stairs. 

The pigs are to the right. 

Upstairs living quarters (new building). Three generations of families live in each of the three rooms to the left (at least 3 people lived in each single room)

They have a nice sound system!

 Tall blonde man in China - must take pictures!
Kitchen storage (behind the glass is the kitchen)

My new friend!

I even got a kiss blown to me when I left this cutie!


View from roof where rice is dried out. 

My friend just peed on the top of the stairs on the roof. 

The government gave this group of Zhuang people an area of land to build new homes on so they can grow their group of people (they have a different language, dress, etc). 

I wish I had a picture of a few of these that I saw sliced like bread hanging over the back of a bike!

Washing on the right, drinking on the left. 

Downstairs entrance way to home. 

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