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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Yeah for crying!!!

GOOD NEWS! Ok I know you may think I am a bad mommy for saying this picture is good news but it is....we have been so worried about Gabriel's very vague China medical report about nerve damage and the fact that every time he fell or bumped his head he never cried - it didn't even phase him when it should have (on one of the flights he head butted my front teeth really hard - easy to do considering their size - and he just touched it and it was a non issue).....well, he cried today!!!! YEAH!!!! We went to the park and Anthony dropped him on his head and he cried - yeah (you are laughing at this I know it). Then he tripped at the park and did this (insert picture) and he cried and cried!!! Every time he did fall we made a big deal about it with the chance that maybe he just never got the attention he needed and sure enough that may have been the case instead of some potential nerve happy momma - yes, take note - happy that her little one cried!!!!

Here are some shots of a great day with my favorite boys (ok, don't tell the dogs or cat I said that)...
 I love the way he is looking at his Dadda!!!

 One, two, three...GO!!!

 Love my boys!

Smiling boys!

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