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Monday, September 16, 2013

Adjusting well....all of us!

Hi everyone! We are moving along here. We had a great weekend as a family and we even ventured out on Sunday for church and then to get some food for this eater (and jammies as he is too little for everything we had)! Both boys (ok, all three) were were so good in church. The only outbursts were a few giggles here and there from Gabriel! He loved the music and singing! We went to Walmart to pick up some of his favorite foods and of course when we put some in the basket we had to open one because once he spotted it he had to have it (kinda reminded me of the animal crackers we got while shopping as a kid). He was easy going on the errands. I had him in the carrier or sack as I like to call it as I think it's his comfort zone while out and about (at least here it's not 95 degrees without him in it so I am thankfully quite dry). We opted out of much after that as we really want to keep his world small right now.
Anthony is dong well with his new little brother. He brings him all sorts of toys when he cries. We have been explaining in the simplest of ways why Gabriel is crying so he doesn't get upset. He has been sharing everything with Gabriel. There is of course jealousy of attention there but nothing ugly. And he of course has a ton of energy with all of this excitement. He stayed home from pre-K on Friday but we got him right back into the routine this morning. It was nice for all of us to walk him to the bus stop this morning.

We don't have Gabriel's schedule down yet. We are still trying to understand what he needs. I am still sleeping with him as he wakes many times in the night looking for me. He has been taking a bottle in the middle of the night as well which we have now successfully substituted for a pedia shake. He is eating well - real well for a kid with no appetite! Although a big part of me is not looking forward to the doctors appointment tomorrow because of his potential screaming, I am looking forward to learning more about his health.

And yes, he LOVES the dogs and cat! Right now he is laughing while petting Jake (and Jake - although may not enjoy it - is being so good with him).

Here are some pictures:
 Brothers playing on the iPad together.

 Hmmmm, he found out real quick that this is a DUMP truck!

 Wrestling with Dadda has already begun.

 New brothers (sitting on Dadda)

My boys as we head out to church!

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