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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tax Deductible Donations are HERE!!!!

A BIG thank you to Reece's Rainbow for accepting our application so on our son's behalf they can collect TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations! This is a win-win situation and we blessed again!! Here is the information from Reece's Rainbow on the fees:

Paypal fees are very costly to RR, and historically we have always covered those, so we appreciate you asking your friends and family to give with a check when they can.  Larger donations (made via Paypal) over $500 will incur a 3% reduction in the donation to cover those Paypal fees.   Donations made via check are given at 100%.  Checks should be made payable to Reece’s Rainbow and mailed to PO Box 4024  Gaithersburg, MD  20885. 

Other news: We are at that little bit of a stand still as we wait for our home study to be completed. Waiting in the world of adoption is not unfamiliar. Things are definitely happening, just I guess behind the scenes!

That's all the news here. How about a shot of Anthony on his way to church:

Here are some amazing comments from people we know through sharing our site on Facebook and others we never met who donated:

Truly inspirational story from two people that I have always admired. Please take a look ♥

I'm new to this Facebook thing. I'm not sure who it can reach out to and who it can't. Our loving neighbors are trying to adopt their second child. I don't know any two people that would want to give there love and caring to adopt a child as much as they do. They are reaching out to friends, neighbors, family, businesses and strangers. I would like everyone to join me in prayin to send blessings , to share your thoughts, and to pass on the Faith Hope Love Adoption web site. Please read it and do what your heart and mind want you to do. God bless each and everyone of us.

Best wishes for a speedy adoption.

I wish the Pellegrino family the best of luck with the adoption process and that you all are able to bring little Timothy home as planned. May you all be blessed threefold this year and years to come!

(a word from Kim: his name is "Timothy" on the photo listing from the agency....we don't have a name yet)

I wish you and your family the best, and hope that you can bring your son home soon.

Kim, your story has touched me deeply. Thank you for your kindness and consideration towards adoption. I’m happy to hear that Anthony is doing well and that your heart has pulled you closer to adopting another child. 

Thanks for checking in everyone, have a GREAT day!!!

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