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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Reece's Rainbow donations....

Hi and thank you!!! Please know that this organization will not provide a list of donators names unless we ask for them. We certainly will ask for this list here and there but please know that they WILL NOT provide personal information so we would not be able to send you a personal thank you (or silicone bracelet) because we won't have anyway of getting it to you (unless of course we already know you :). If you would like to share your information with us please do so to our email at would love to know who you are!

Thank you to our first donation on Reece's Rainbow from a very sweet person who I "met" through the Reece's Rainbow FB page.....she couldn't stand to see the zero dollars available for this little boy so she contributed! Then another contribution or two (I just don't have a way of knowing right now). THANK YOU!!! Please share, it all means sooooo much!!!!

Thanks again for checking in!!!

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