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Thursday, September 4, 2014

buy a t-shirt today!!!!

Don't forget to go to this site an buy the below t-shirt. We must have orders of 50 plus to go to print on the deadline of September 21st!!! We are a little more than halfway to 50. Yes, let's hit 50 and then  keep going. ALL PROCEEDS go to the adoption of both of our "heart melting smiles" boys!!!

Comes in unisex, ladies, kids, long sleeve and sweatshirts!


BACK OF SHIRT: All is blue and w/o the white dashed line on top

Please pray for another orphan that has gone to meet our maker as well as for the family that were in process of bringing him home.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Our boys today, this very day!!!

Yes, today!!! We have a friend in China right now picking up her little girl in the same orphanage as our boys (her second from this orphanage). She went in with the names of four kids shed needed to see and photograph (a very rare opportunity that someone can request kids and photograph them). She explained that our boys did not know they were being adopted because we are still fairly early in the process but the other two did know and she had small gifts for them from their family. Well, as she explained before she knew it , total chaos and they were telling our two boys they were being adopted and are brothers!!!!! YEAHHHHHHHH!!!! As she apologized left and right in the email she had no idea that we had been dreaming of this moment!!! It's an exciting thing for an orphan to find out they are being adopted and then to find out they are being adopted WITH their friend - double WOW!!!! It is not often that you can find out the exact time a child is told - it happens but not much from what I understand and it's even more rare that there are pictures. We are just so beyond excited to know that our boys know that they are loved by their family. I am waiting to find out more details of the chaos but for now I am just so overwhelmed with love for these two boys!!! We did want to make sure that our boys are being told that it will still be some time until we can get them. Our friend will be able to make sure this is very clear so the boys don't get upset waiting until early next year (hopefully late this year).

Our friend also added that they are CUTE CUTE CUTE with smiles that melt hearts. They gave a warm welcome to her son who once lived with them in the orphanage! She said I am one lucky Momma and that we have fabulous kids!!!!! (deep breath)

This week is now beyond special as yesterday was Anthony's two year Gotcha day and tomorrow is Gabriel's one year Gotcha day!!!!! So today too is a day we will never forget!!

Let's pray for the children in this orphanage that have yet to hear the incredible news about their adoption as they still wait for their forever family!!! Thanks for checking in!!!