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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Reece's Rainbow

So yes, things move v e r y  s l o w in the adoption paperwork world! We just had our visit from the social worker and it will be about two weeks until the home study gets to us for review and then our agency for review. After that comes our dossier (dossier = more paperwork = more time). 

In the mean time we need to start coming up with some fundraising ideas. We just got connected to Reece's Rainbow where any donations made to them on behalf of us are TAX DEDUCTIBLE for the donor! When we receive donations outside of RR, it's wonderful for us YES but the donor doesn't get the benefit of a tax deduction. So please share our blog and the link on the right side to anyone who might be interested in helping us with the fees associated with providing a home for two boys who may not have had the chance to call someone Momma or Dadda without this opportunity. Yes, because these two children are 1. boys 2. older (9 years old and one soon to be 10) and 3. special needs - they are most likely to NEVER have been able to have a family!!!!! NEVER!!!!! When we inquired about them the agency told us we can take our time in deciding because no one will look at them primarily because of they are boys and they are older. Yeah and the special needs part - China already "dismissed" them because of that! Did I mention that China only recently filed their paperwork to be adopted. Our agency went to the orphanage in 2011, saw these boys and asked the Chinese Government to process their paperwork as THEY ARE ADOPTABLE!!!! China decides what children they feel are adoptable and process that paperwork for them to be seen and available for adoption. If there is no paperwork processed someone has to "see" them and push it to be done which often takes years. So these boys waited in an orphanage for NINE YEARS until someone decided to make a file for them! That's when we saw them - when their paperwork was filed!!! UGHHH!  I seem to have gotten off my original introduction of Reece's Rainbow. Check out this interview about RR that we got the opportunity to be part of: (don't forget to come back here to us)

Here is our family page on RR (can also click on the right side of the page)where you can make a tax deductible donation on our behalf. Please know that every single dollar counts! Please don't feel like a few dollars won't make a difference because it DOES! 
You can also mail a check made out to 
Reece’s Rainbow and mailed to PO Box 4024  Gaithersburg, MD  20885. Don't forget to put our name in the subject line. We receive ALL of the money you write the check out for. If you use the link below, RR must pay 3% to Paypal:

(PS....thank you to someone who opened out family page with a $10 donation!!!! THANK YOU!!! We get a list of names unless anonymous every few months or so. Thank you again!!!)

And yes, we can't share them but we did just receive the videos from when the agency visited the orphanage in February. It is a bit heart breaking because they are just sitting in a chair being asked all sorts of questions - tough to understand with so much talking going on - and they know why they are there - they are just being stared at. Anyway......Michael spoke English!!!! It is his favorite class in school (Matthew loves PE) and he counted to 11 and said "Hi, my name is"...then hesitated when someone said something to him and he said "Daniel". DANIEL????? No, that can't work - we already have two brother in laws named Daniel!!! I asked the agency about it and she said they definitely call him by his Chinese name and not that name for class. Shhhwwewww!!! :) (nothing personal to the name - which is quite nice - there are just too many Dan's - kinda like John in our family). So although Michael only spoke a few works in English it was certainly more than we know in Chinese. We will definitely be investing in two of those BESTA translators for the boys! 

Please let us know if you have any FUNdraising ideas or if you want to help us run one!

Thanks for checking in..... Today's blog prayer goes out to the many children in China who do not have their paperwork processed by the Chinese Government meaning their forever family can't find them because of that!!!