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Monday, December 23, 2013

CHRISTmas blessings

As CHRISTmas is almost here I can't help but feel extra blessed this year! I am so full of love for my two boys and my husband. It's been a crazy journey……yet, a beautiful one! Our lives are so full right now. The craziness (aka loudness) of two little boys running and laughing around the house is just - I dunno - the greatest thing ever!!!! Gabriel has really become part of the family and although I'm not sure that Anthony would admit it - he is happy to have a little brother! He is ecstatic about it! Gabriel is one VERY HAPPY little boy now. He has - ok, get ready for this - begun to hug back!!! And I don't mean just put his arms around you as he's been doing that for awhile. Now he is actually hugging - tightening his arms around me!!!! It is one of the greatest feeling that God has ever given to me and I know God gave me this child - both of these children. I couldn't help but et myself a little something this CHRISTmas and it makes me melt every time I read it:

And boy have they stolen my heart! And the most perfect gift from my husband for my birthday:

Ok, so he did this too for my birthday (note the number on the cake):

We are so excited to be spending our very first CHRISTmas home since moving to Maryland! We will certainly miss a lot of family and friends but we are excited to start our own family traditions and continue to build on them year after year! We are so blessed - sometimes it takes my breathe away. I thank Him for each and every one of them - while I pray for those children that still wait for their forever families. I look at each of my boys and I see what love -even for just a short time so far- has done for each of them. I've watched them grow into lively little boys - when I watch them laugh and run in circles around the house - a pinch of pain goes through me imagining what their lives were before love and a bigger pain is felt for so many who are still waiting for the same love - even a pinch of it. (deep breath).

As CHRISTmas eve is tomorrow, I will be living in the day and not on the computer……I want to thank you for "stopping in",  for all of your continued support and for all of your love. I do ask this - please continue to pray for the many children without families this CHRISTmas, for the many new forever families that need the strength to continue their journey and for all of the families waiting to start their journey to bring home their special family member. From our family to yours…..Merry CHRISTmas with love and blessings!