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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fun with Pasta!

Hi everyone! We are still moving along. Our home study is on schedule to be completed early March. Once that is done then we can start applying for grants. We are still in the naming process but getting real close (kinda)!

In the mean time, we had some fun with pasta!!! Although we haven't yet seen any real sensory issues in Anthony he still needs to experience some things he didn't get to experience in the orphanage and playing with food would be one of those things! So we cooked up some spaghetti, elbow macaroni and  barley and then had some fun. He was nuts over the macaroni on his arms. I would love to put him in a bathtub of water and elbow macaroni! I cut a little piece of the movie and posted it below. Enjoy!

Doing things like this helps you get past the stuff you read about concerning the care in the orphanages. Of course some are better than others but to hear that toddlers generally tilt their heads back so "gunk" could be pored into their mouths is just a heart break. Anthony is a very slow eater and we think he probably never got a chance to learn how to use those muscles in his mouth to chew. I've seen video's of small rooms with about 20 infants in walkers (and some lying on the floor) while the one caregiver just spoons some mush out of a bowl into any mouths that happen to be in the vicinity. Deep breathe........lots of prayers......let's get these kids a home!!!!!!

Thanks for checking in!

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