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Friday, February 15, 2013

AMAZON is here & our first raffle!

Hello everyone! We are excited to announce that we have become Amazon affiliates. That means that anytime you want to make a purchase on Amazon, STOP....come on over to our blog (check out a few cute pictures while here) and then CLICK on one of the two Amazon links! Easy!! We then get a small percentage of the sale. How much? We actually don't even know but every little bit helps so we'll take it!!! It doesn't cost you or us anything and Amazon is a great place to shop!

Speaking of great places to shop.....CafePress! For a Christmas gift I received a beautiful sweatshirt that was quite big on me. So I called CafePress and told them it was the usual medium that I wore but it was really very big. They easily sent me a new size small and said that they didn't want me to worry about shipping it back so I could keep it. That was very nice of them and apparently this is what they always do (therefore you can always be very comfortable shopping with them). I told them I was very excited because I could use the size medium (really like a large at 22" measured across laying flat) to raffle off for our adoption (the customer service rep was equally excited). So here is it:

It is a gray hooded sweatshirt with all different Bible verses in the shape of China! Sooooo, from today on the NEXT TEN PEOPLE who donate will receive one chance for every $10 they donate. So here is the math: If ten people donate ten dollars each person has a 1 in 10 chance of winning this sweatshirt. If one of those people donate $50 and the other 9 donated $10 each. The $50 donator will have a 5 in 15 chance of winning while the others have a 1 in 15 chance of winning! FUN!!! Now I know you can all buy this on CafePress for $40 but then you wouldn't have the great feeling of knowing that YOU helped one of those 147 Million Orphans!!! Please shoot an email to to tell me how much you donated so I can enter you in the drawing (not all of the fundraising links tell us all of the information we would need to enter you). THANKS FOR ENTERING and GOOD LUCK!
Have a blessed day!!!!

PS....I was just thinking how much we like CafePress so we might as well see if they have affiliate services and YES THEY DO! Make your CafePress purchases through this blog! Thank you!

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