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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chinese New Year

Before I post anything today, I want to thank everyone out there for the many prayers. Please keep them coming!!!!

Happy Chinese New Year! 
(Sunday February 10th)

Here Anthony is with his Year of the Snake ornament
(we plan on giving him one each year until he has the entire collection of 12)

We started the day off with a beautiful introduction at Mass on Sunday when Father Neville pointed out  our ever so cute Anthony in his dragon outfit wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! Anthony loved it as much as we did! After mass we headed over to the coffee & donuts. We sat with some friends who I went through the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) program with. Their hearts are very close to adoption as they are the proud parents of an awesome boy adopted from Romania (they are also the proud parents of two biological boys as well). They offered their help with fundraisers  (& their middle school boy was even excited to help) & really took much of the fear of fundraising away. We then were heading to meet the FCC (Families with Children from China) for a New Years celebratory buffet at the China Manor in Hampstead (the owner is so amazing). On our way there our friends from church called and offered us a very very nice donation to our adoption (more tears). Truly a blessing! We look forward to meeting again with them to create some events.
We had a very nice lunch with a very large group of amazing people (just look at that picture above of all of the adopted children from China with their siblings, it is just sooooo beautiful). We met some more great people. One particularly in mind that has adopted SEVEN kids from China. As she was getting them & wheelchairs in this large van, she still took the time out to share some ideas with me. There are some truly incredible people out there and she is definitely one of them (boy I hope I don't have to shave my head to raise money at the last minute like she did, but I will if I have to)! Days like these really make you go WOW & allow you to breathe again! Ahhhhh.....

Please share this blog with everyone and anyone. The more people who see it the more prayers & chances of funding to help us bring this second little boy home to his new FOREVER FAMILY! We have had over 1300 hits on this site & if everyone of them took a moment to even donate a dollar or two, this little guy would be that much closer to us. When you say you have nothing now, realize that every little bit counts no matter how small it might seem to you. We are thankful for every prayer, ever donation and every kind word!

Thanks for checking in!!!

Ps.....a special thank you shout out to the adorable little twins in Anthony's Come Learn with Me Class for the gift to Anthony of two oranges for the Chinese New Year! Very touching!

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