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Monday, May 20, 2013

Adoption families helping adopting families

I've been watching the Amazon advertising totals lately as they are rising at an incredible slow rate and then I got an email from a completely different company that we are also an affiliate with. I thought is was really interesting that we have earned $109.58 in advertising monies from a multi-billion dollar company. Then we have earned $50.44 from one family run company and $101.92 from another family run company! It blows my mind how incredible these small companies are! Not to knock Amazon 'cause you know they are giving us something and I do love to shop them (& I am sure they do more for other charities), however in comparing the sizes of these companies and what they have done for adopting families, I am blown away. We also earned $1802.76 from another family organization that has grown quite considerably since they started. I have to highlight all of these because I do think they are amazing!

Adoption Bug
This mom is a graphic artist with the "adoption bug" and provides incredible products that in turn gives adoptive families a percentage of the sale. We have earned an incredible $109.58 thanks to generous people who have bought these great products on our behalf. You can read their story here:

Ordinary Hero
I know you have heard about Ordinary Hero from us! We won an incredible grant of $1000 from them. Then we won $500 through a contest they ran where we earned another $302.76 in commission from the sale of their incredible merchandise. I can't say enough about them. This family also started their business because of their experience in adoption and desire to help others adopt. Part of their belief:  We believe every child needs a HERO, wants a HERO, and is looking for a HERO. We believe that HERO is YOU.
Read their story here:

Olive Tree Promise
Recently we were made the featured family of the month for Olive Tree Promise. This means that if anyone goes on their site and they don't use a families link to access the site we are automatically given credit for all of the sales. We have a balance of $50.44 from this family made company.  Olive Tree Promise is a small company that was formed when an adoptive family wanted to help out other adoptive families. The site is made up of vendors that offer a percentage of those profits back to the adopting families. Here is there main belief taken right from their site:

Deuteronomy 24:20When you harvest olives from your trees, never knock down all of them. Leave some for foreigners, orphans, and widows.

If you get a chance, go to their hime page and read it:
It will only take you a minute.....and then if you have just one more minute click on the bottom of the page to read a little bit more from their founder, Troy - he's pretty awesome! In your day by day routine just think - For Him - (a quote by my friend Troy who taught me - "well, isn't it all about Him anyway?)!

blessing to you and yours...
For Him


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