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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Matching Grant Opportunity

We just received our paperwork for the approved Brittany's Hope Seedling Grant! We have been approved for $2,000 IF we raise $1,000 of it. In other words, we raise $1,000 and they will match that $1,000! Great deal. So you can literally double your contribution by sending it straight to Brittany's Hope on our behalf. If we raise OVER $1,000 they will NOT match that but keep it for other families. We are asking that anyone who wishes to donate to Brittany's Hope on our behalf that they let us know the amount so we can inform everyone how close we are to the $1,000. You can email us at or our personal emails as well.

Here is the link to our family page at Brittany's Hope:
*******UPDATE: IT IS FILLED!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!

Thank you so much for checking in and for sharing our story. We are eager to get an update on our angel Gabriel, so keep checking back!

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