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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Catching up and UPDATE on Gabriel

Very exciting today as we received our first update on Gabriel since we "accepted" him!!!

Before we ge to that excitement, a few things....

Thank you to one special someone for sending $485 to Reece's Rainbow for Gabriel. All of a sudden we were up to $655 on Reece's Rainbow (tax deductible donations)! WOW!!!  THANK YOU!!!


Thank you also to those who have ordered t-shirts through Adoption Bug and we were chosen as the family of the month for Olive Tree promise (when ever anyone makes a purchase through the site and they do not go through a families blog, we get the referral). Both of those sites recently have added $68 to our adoption fund! Yeah!!! And Amazon is just over $100. Keep using one of the AMazon links on this page to buy through Amazon, it's that simple! And we can't forget that we also received some pretty AMAZING donations as well. THANK YOU!!!!

More thank you's...we were approved for Brittany's Hope Seedling Grant. They will match $1000 worth of donations in our name. We are up to $300......only $700 more to go! Thank you! Please let us know if you donate so we can keep track as they will give anything over $1000 to another family! Here is the link to donate under our name:
(CLOSED IT OUT>>>>As of May 29th, we raised the amount needed for this grant!!!!)

And for those of you who live nearby, Worn With Love in Finksburg MD are accepting donations on our behalf. They are collecting items to sell under our name! They have great stuff at great prices also! Here is there website to find out more about what items they are able to consign as it changes based on what they currently have:
If you've been following us, this is the very same consignment shop that I met an incredible woman who was not only our first donation but she left a gift card for me at the shop, has shared our story with many people who have also donated, has supported us through her organization, has continued to pray for us and now has organized the consignment shop program (she even collects the merchandise to get it ready for consignment)!!!! Amazing and not enough thank you's!!

Our Golf Tournament is up and is July 15th (see the Feb 26th blog for details)! We have four sets of four signed up so far (FORE)!

So here is the moment you have been waiting for (or probably skimming through to get to)......
Here is Gabriel as of TODAY China time!!!!!

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! He is a little thing!!! He is 22 months old and about 30.5" and 18.5 pounds! He must come home soon as they say he eats 5-6 times a day but very little as he never has an appetite. They give him formula a few times a day to compensate. He loves music and is outgoing with a strong will, hurry temper and a desire to do things his own way. He loves his tricycle and paying with repairing tools. He stays up very late at night and is speaking only a few words. He needs to come home and day MOMMA!!!!!!
We are so blessed!!! This little boy will be ours soon and with your help!!!!!
Thank you for checking in! Blessings to you and yours!!!

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