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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Brittany's Matching grant FILLED and LOA from China!

A beautiful day indeed!!! We got a call tonight that our LOA (letter of acceptance) from China arrived at the agency today!!! For those of you not familiar, that means China says we are good to go - well, after more paperwork! Anything from here is pretty evenly scheduled where one thing happens after another and really in a timely fashion. They are now estimating that I will be traveling to China in September. There is only ONE travel date in September due to celebrations. That date of September 6th is one year and one week later than we traveled to get Anthony!!! If we don't make that trip, we will travel October 11th on the next trip......WOW!!! For those of you familiar with the adoption world, the LOA is BIG!!!!!! Like I said, all other paperwork moves on a pretty predictable schedule right up until you wait for a date from China for the courts.

AND MORE NEWS!!! Our Brittany's Hope matching grant has been filled! We received a very, very generous donation to close it out. Brittany's Hope would match $1000 worth of donations sent directly to $1000 was turned into $2000!!!!! You know who you are and I can not even speak at this point.....your generosity is beyond fathomable!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Thanks for checking in!!!

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