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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

So what have we been up to?

I will absolutely get back to China pictures but I know you all want to know what we've been up to since four became six!

All FOUR buckled in leaving the airport:

Yup, Superhero's and cartoons cross the language border!

More to play with!

Reminded Eric of the advantages to having so many boys (besides forming some sports team):

Lost a tooth already? (Michael's tooth as his brother takes a closer look)

Well at least I don't have cavities (Michael takes a peek at Matty's cavities)!

The letter factory - the A says Ahhh, the B says ..... ok, then they snuck in another superhero movie!

I was in the kitchen when I heard giggling and found this:

Which turned into this:

And our first grocery shopping trip (after the eye doctor where we knew both new boys would need glasses):

We will keep you updated! Please, please continue to pray as adjustments do have their ups and downs!

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