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Saturday, March 7, 2015

In China

From my FB page right before travel:

Deep breathe....I am so just overwhelmed with love right now! I spent a lot of glances today looking at my two little ones in complete amazement of who they are and how far they have come. Just pure amazement and so much love. Then my husband taking this incredible journey with me (not the physical trip but this amazing journey through life). Whewwww. Now heading back again to China to meet two more of our sons. I am just in awe. God's fingerprints are all over every step of ...the way and we couldn't be more grateful. Thank you to the many people who have stood behind us in this journey whether it be through pure joy for us, financially assisting us, praying for us, checking in on us, or even just thinking of us throughout the process. We can't wait to share our boys with everyone! (and boy am I going to miss all of my boys - two and four legged - while I'm in China)! Please pray for all of us!

I cannot believe that I am in China again!!!! I am just so overwhelmed! I truly can't believe that I am on the same soil as our boys! It's been a year in process and while it seems like just yesterday that I first saw their handsome faces, it feels like a lifetime at the same time. I cried when we landed in Beijing (I think I am getting more emotional  over stuff like this everyday - I think it is because I now know what it's like to love a child of your own and now to get to love FOUR BOYS!)

While in Beijing for only a few hours, we had the amazing opportunity to meet with our guide from when we adopted Anthony at the airport. We had some coffee and tea with him and his wife and darling little daughter. It was just so nice. William and his wife visited us in the states last winter and it was great to see them again. William will always hold a special place in our hearts as he was there when our family welcomed our first son Anthony and he treated Anthony like his own child when we had an emergency medical -life threatening - situation with Anthony a day after we got him. We are forever grateful and it was extra special to see him again (& meet his little princess).

We had a chance to say goodnight to all my boys in MD through Skype (wish they were here), had breakfast and are now anxiously waiting to hear from our guide to find out the plans to meet the boys tomorrow. Anthony drew a picture of three people in a heart and it said "I love you so much". He told Eric it was him, Gabriel and Dadda in the heart. Then when I saw him on Skype he said that it was Momma, Michael and Matthew. Eric shared about the first version and then Anthony went back and drew three more people in it! Too funny and I can't believe we will be six!!!

I am going to sign off for now. Please pray for a safe journey of our boys to us ( a few hours a way) and that they are not afraid of what is ahead of them - that they feel the comfort of God within them!

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  1. Been praying for all of u all day. Will keep praying for comfort, calming and wonderful bonding!!!! Hugs!!