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Sunday, March 22, 2015

March 9th = Gotcha x 2

From a FB post early the morning of Gotcha Day:
Heading to the bank in China in an hour to exchange all the monies we raised from the t-shirt fundraisers to pay for the in country fees for the adoption of our two beautiful boys. For those who contributed to the fundraiser, thank you & know that you & many others are part of this day. Then at about 3:00 we will meet them in our hotel room! Needless to say, this Momma's belly is nervous!!!! Praying for our boys to have a safe journey (about 2 hours) to us!

And NOW for Gotcha Day:

 (notice Michael - blue coat - has our family photo book that we sent him in his hands)

Long awaited hug:

 Meeting Dadda on Skype:

Erica - this one is for you - we shared that we know you pointing to your picture (for those who don't know Erica, she was Michael's camp buddy at Camp Bring Me Hope for Orphans - she got to love on our boy before we did):
 Travis- this one is for you - we also shared that we knew you as we pointed to your picture (for those who don't know Travis, he was not Matthew's camp buddy but Matthew and him had a special bond at Camp Bring Me Hope):

 Sharing pictures I had of them:

And here is where the problems began - the teacher downloaded a program called QQ on my phone - the Chinese version of FB (kinda - instant messages  -yes in Chinese and FaceTime). This is the guide telling me it's not a big deal, see this is what it is. Ahhh, yes this is a problem because I don't read Chinese!!!:

Heading out to get family photo's for paperwork:

Hmmm, report said "he does not like chickens" -ahhh, yes he does!:

Yup, trying to take this QQ away from them was a HUGE problem. They would rather talk to older friends who are out of the orphanage as well as the caregivers than this Momma. This was our big issue in the first province. Somehow it didn't work in the second province - wonder how that happened?!

 The washing of the feet! Apparently they only bathe at the orphanage once a week but they must wash their feet overnight before bed. So getting ready for bed turned into this:

 First family picture via Skype:

Long day - after much tickling and light turning on and off - time for sleep:

Stay tuned - more to come as time permits. Please keep those prayers coming for the adjustments of everyone in the family as through Him anything and everything is possible!

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