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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ordinary Hero Contest

Thank you for those who have ordered through Ordinary Hero on our behalf for the below contest....please let us know if you did order so we can send a big THANK YOU as they do not share any information with us (same thing for Reece's Rainbow). Thank you again!!!

 Next Grant Giveaway March 15-22, ending at 11:59pm Central!
Top 3 Selling Affiliates With Highest Earnings Will Be Granted $500 Each On Top of Their 40% Affiliate Earnings! 
Don't Miss This Great Opportunity To Fundraise! 
If you are here to support an adoption, mission trip, or Ordinary Hero, we thank you! For your donation through the OH Store, you will not only be receiving products that you select, but you are directly impacting, and helping to CHANGE THE WORLD FOR ONE, one child at a time.
Please Note** If you are donating on behalf of an affiliate, you must click on the Affiliate's name in a drop down menu during check out to ensure the affiliate receives credit for your donation. Thank you for helping our affiliates reach their fundraising goals through your donation to Ordinary Hero through this Ordinary Hero Shopping Cart.

Click the Ordinary Hero icon on this blog or

This is the BEST time for you to get great merchandise and HELP BRING OUR LITTLE BOY HOME!!!!

Thank you!!!!

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