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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Home Study is done!!

Yeah!!!! Lots happening here! We picked up our approved home study yesterday and sent it out to USCIS so it gets to the lock box by March 20th (by doing this we were able to just extend and adjust our old I-800a which saved about 1-2 months). A big thanks to our social worker Margie for getting it done!!! We are a big step closer to our little boy (who by the way still does not have a name yet, yikes)!

Now that our home study is finished, we can start applying for grants. We did apply to about 3 so far (haven't heard anything) but many others require our home study to be finished first. Our home study agency is working on a grant for us that could be $1250! That would be unbelievable. We will keep you posted!

What else is happening? Glad you asked! You Amazon shoppers ROCK!!! Keep shopping (hey you were going to shop there anyway and if you weren't going to now you have an excuse to shop)! So far you earned us $39.85! That is AWESOME!!!! Thank you!! Remember to tell anyone and everyone to log onto Amazon through our blog. It doesn't cost you anything and it helps bring a little boy to his forever family!

*****RAFFLE: ONE MORE DONATION NEEDED FOR AS LITTLE AT $10 to raffle off the sweatshirt (March 20th & Feb 15th posts)!

DON'T FORGET TO REGISTER FOR THE GOLF TOURNAMENT in anyway that you are comfortable with - you don't have to golf either (see Feb 26th blog)!!!!!

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