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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Guardian Angels

As I was filing out applications for grants this week, I took a break to get the mail and found yet another way that God has spoken! We received a kind note of love and prayers from one of our guardian angels that included this scripture:

But those who wait for the Lord [who expect, look for, and hope in Him] shall change and renew their strength and power; they shall lift their wings and mount up [close to God] as eagles [mount up to the sun]; they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint or become tired. Isaiah 40:31

This incredible woman has been declared our guardian angel because she was a stranger who listened to our story with an open heart (in the consignment store as I searched for the right size to fit a orphan who was going to be our son), who sent us our very first contribution, who shared our story, who left a gift card for the sale day at that same consignment store, who shared our story again (and again), who sent contributions from those who she shared our story with, who contributed again, who continues to pray for us and who believes in us.....and she didn't even know us before this! Ohhh, I don't know, an all around special woman who -without physically being there- seems to be there at the right time every time!!! Thank you "AS" for your prayers and the prayers of your daughter and your friends. Thank you for the scripture that renews our strength when ever we might need it - at that moment!

And there are others who we declare guardian angels....there is one special "dude" friend who continues and continues to share our story whether it be an Amazon conversation or a hey, by the way I've got these friends who could use some help.....a shout out to you "PL" for not only always sharing our story with others but listening to it with us!

Then, hello??....the crazy t-shirt orderer who I told to put the credit card down because she just donated and then went an ordered a bunch of t-shirts (I say bunch, but that's not the right word because she has this great big beautiful family with 4 kids)! Another guardian angel delivered right from God himself! Can't wait to see you "JE" in MN!!!

Of course, "M" lands on the guardian angel list again because she jumped first thing on that Ordinary Hero merchandise contest morning and before I spoke to her that first day of the contest she had already ordered sweatshirts and was waiting to see what we wanted! And "D" also joins her are he and his ordered t-shirts for the grandkids too! Thanks to my "M&D" guardian angels for always supporting me in whatever I did!

Another special guardian angel who I know has continued to pray for our "cause" and just called after listening to our broken hearts and offered not only volunteering help but our biggest donation yet! This guardian angel "JS" was delivered by God just when we were falling and needed a boost up!

Then "NR" putting together our first fundraiser when I was in panic time....again delivered when needed. Did I mention that with every guardian angel delivery, we get to breathe?! Even while preparing for a move from one home to another she is still on top of it! I think the most special part was her words on how her and her husband decided to help.....they realized how lucky they were in having their two beautiful children and they wanted to help us who have not been blessed in that way but in another way. Breathe....

WOW, you don't realize how many guardian angels are really out there until you take a moment to call them that and say THANK YOU. We have tons more too! We have golfers and basket sponsors already signed up! Then we have anonymous donations or donators we don't even know. We have people who ordered merchandise during the contest and we don't even know who you are yet. Others ordered t-shirts even way before! Those who make the extra effort to go to our blog before going onto Amazon! Then the Ordinary Hero grant that had a bunch of guardian angels hands in there whether they chose us or donated to the cause! Wow, tears fill my eyes as I think about how many people -family, friends, acquaintances, strangers, friends of friends, etc - who have touched our hearts in so many ways! Thank you....THANK YOU!!! You are the inspiration!! You are our strength that we know has been delivered by God personally!

Our donation amount is currently $2595 with our grant from OH. We were discounted a little more from our Agency ($500 off the already reduced $3000 to $1500 US processing fee now $1000) -another guardian angel without a doubt! We are waiting to here on a few other grants -one even through the home study agency- and we will let you know as we hear (then we will update a cost breakdown again).

There are guardian angels out there and although we aren't "out of the woods" just yet, we know that God's hand is in this and he will continue to open doors and turn hearts our way. Thank you for reading our story here and for sharing it there!!

We can't wait for you (and us) to meet our son:

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