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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Paperwork Pregnant!

Yes, I am officially paperwork pregnant again! We had our first home study visit yesterday for the second adoption and the social worker dropped off that giant folder of papers to do......all over again!!!! The visit was much easier than the first time with Anthony's home study. I was so nervous and cleaned the house from top to bottom about five times (we had heard that social workers (not ours) comment on the crumbs in a toaster oven being a fire hazard, needless to say we never have crumbs in the toaster oven and not because of a fire). Last time for the first visit I cleaned under the oil tank in the basement. This time I woke up in the morning and said to Eric, "hmmmm, the social worker is coming today I should probably clean a little." She is very nice but we were so nervous for the first adoption. Now we know her and she knows us so it's much better and we are more at ease. So paperwork pregnant again! I guess I will be waking up nauseous due to worrying about paperwork. It just seems odd to us that we have to redo the entire home study again (well minus the fire marshall visit and a few small things) when we just did this. It would be nice to just do an update for the home study but it doesn't work that way. We are given a break on the application fee and the training fee. is $6,150 for the home study that includes the follow up visits that China requires (5 years after you bring the child home). I am going to post a complete breakdown of all of the fees as soon as I get a chance to when you see that very high goal thermometer on the blog you have a better understanding of where all of the money goes. Thanks for peeking in! I will post more later on how we picked this little cutie (although the cuteness says a lot) and the process for this second adoption! Thanks for visiting and please get the word out to help us bring him home!!!

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