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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Generous people we don't know!!

WOW, we received our first donations today! Three in total and from people we don't even know!! There is so much good in the world! A special thank you to those special three people and those also who have shared our blog through email or Facebook or word of mouth. And yes, a thank you for all of the much needed prayers that have already started working! We are so blessed!

And you ask (well maybe you didn't), how is the paperwork pregnancy going? We Fedex-ed passport like pictures, pictures of us as a couple (home and family pictures already sent out), our notarized and county authenticated 797 along with a stack of checks for our dossier today. We both are taking care of our blood tests this week to follow with complete physicals again! Fingerprints done this week already. All we need are those doctor papers and the three reference letters and our part of the home study is done! We did not need the fire marshall to come in or have our water checked again along with some other minor items as our home study was done not too long ago for Anthony. We are very excited to have our dossier logged into China in March! Keep those prayers coming!!!

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