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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Moving Quickly!!!

Wow, we found out yesterday that we can use our previous 797 for the new dossier! It expires on March 20, what does that mean???? That means we all run around (including our social worker) getting our new home study completed before about February 20th-ish so there is time to get it all authenticated and logged into to China by the March 20th what does that mean???? That means it could potentially take 1-2 months off of our waiting time!!!!! WOW, wow, wow! We still have to apply for a new 797 but can use the old one to get our dossier logged in which is apparently really important and what gets everything else moving. All of a sudden everything is moving quickly.....and from our past experience that will come to a quick halt as we wait and wait for the travel approval (still excited about the news of saving a month or two)!

And more good incredible, amazing friend at Eric's work has already begun planning our first event. Natalie is crazy amazing and has begun working with her equally crazy amazing husband on a golf tournament! As soon as we have the details, we will post them. Yeah!!!

And more good news. We applied to an organization today that will be able to collect TAX-DEDUCTABLE donations on behalf of our little guy (still need a name). This will mean that you can donate and then print out a tax form for your donation! Another yeah!!! As soon as we are approved, we will get that up and running on this blog. And we originally thought that we had to pay a $250 donation plus $25 application fee to get set up, but we don't because we are not going through them for the child match. Again, YEAH!!!!

A good day overall. And Anthony had a great day riding his bike at Freedom Park today in the 65 degree weather (we desperately needed the nice weather and more flat land to learn to ride)!

Thanks for checking in!!!

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