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Friday, April 12, 2013

Mom and Daddy...

Today was the very first time Anthony called me "Mom", not Momma like he was "introduced" to me in China and not "Omma" when he can pronounce the Mmmmm.....I kinda stopped and said what was that and he smiled and said "Mom"....had to give him an extra hug! This was after noticing yesterday that he referred to Eric as Daddy and not Dadda. Just watching the changes and "firsts" and enjoying it all!

Another "wow" yesterday that one of our guardian angels suggested I share. When we got Anthony in China and he woke up crying in the middle of the night or in the morning I would sing a simple made up song to him (keep in mind that Eric has ALL of the musical talent in this marriage). I would just sing, "Momma loves you, Dadda loves you, Momma loves her boy, Dadda loves his boy." Simple and at least - although not in tune - it was always in the same "notes". Anthony woke up yesterday earlier than usual and crying. I heard him through the monitor while I was in the shower and I jumped out and grabbed a towel running to his room. I picked him up and after a few minutes of him crying I started whispering the song in his ear. He calmed and we went about our day. About two hours later he was leaping from pillow to pillow on the floor and fell. He cried a lot (often common with orphans as they will over-cry some situations as a form of mourning). I held him tightly and he began to sing the song (& to Momma's tune). HE began to sing it! I sang along and he was soon settled. This kid is just amazing. He is smart and has an incredible memory (which I think will allow him to share about the orphanage as he gets older, some might feel it's better that he forget it but it is good for him to be able to talk about it when he is ready). This morning during breakfast he sang "our" song again :). Just incredible!

And yes exciting news on our second adoption: we received our approved i-800A today, YEAH!!!! In non-adoption terms that means we get it notarized and send it to our agency and they send our completed dossier to China!!! Yeah!!!! This will get things rolling (although slowly) in China - the part that takes the longest and has the longest time of WAITING for something to happen - but we get logged in and that is AWESOME!!!!

Thanks for checking in and stayed tuned as I try to figure out how to attach music to this blog as I heard a great song on the radio that is worth hearing!

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  1. Once you figure out how to attach music to the blog, I would love to hear Anthony sing, "your song." I bet it is amazing. Thanks as always for sharing.