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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lots to update!

Where to start? I just don't know....let's kinda jump back and forth here with all of our exciting news!

Anthony was baptized in NY this past Sunday! It was such a great service by Deacon Vic at St. Raphael Parish. It was such a beautiful ceremony and Deacon Vic was incredible. He even gave each child a letter to read later in life and he encouraged others to write a letter to Anthony as well. So many family and friends shared our day to include some yummy goodness at the International Delight Cafe for waffles and gelato. It was such a nice day and yes, here are some pictures:

He does his "thank you Jesus'"
Already had the sign of the cross down!

Look out world, here I come with the power of the Holy Spirit!!

This, turned into.....

....this....and lots more (he loved his fancy suit)!

So there it exciting!!!! Truly an incredible day. It's funny how many baptism's you've been to and then you have your own child's and it's not just beautiful anymore, but amazing!!! I pretty much had to stop myself from crying.

More news.......boy #2 has a name!!!! Yes, we can finally stop calling him baby Pell or the boy without a name! He will be Gabriel YanJia Pellegrino! Yup, the Italian names didn't make it and the Irish names didn't seem to have a chance (esp with such an Italian last name). It's not an easy task for two teachers to pick out a name. Anthony was easy because it was after Eric's dad.

And on more news...can't believe I didn't mention it yet (got so wrapped up in those ever so cute pictures). OUR PAPERWORK WENT TO CHINA ON FRIDAY!!!!! Woooo whooooo!!!!! It takes a  couple of weeks to be "logged in" but we now officially in the "waiting" stage! This is where we don't have much to do except literally wait. Our agency called last night and it was very exciting to hear that we can now request an update while asking more questions. I am very curious if he is still in a foster home. We can send pictures and even a letter to the foster family that they will translate for us. So we will do all of the above and we can't wait to get more information!

So is that all the news? NOOOOoooooo! We also found out that the adoption agency gave us a grant and the home study agency also reduced their fees. Once I get all the details I will post an update of the fees and reductions! yeah!!!! We still have tons of work on the financial side but every little bit (and big bit) helps! Thank you all for you continuous support and please remember to share, share, share and also use the Amazon link above!

Thank you and blessings to you and yours!!!!!

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