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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Adoption training pays off!

When we first started the adoption process with Anthony we attended monthly meetings and additional training sessions in person and online as well. Many of these included how to respond to certain questions or comments concerning adoption. All of these training always included the of course it depends on the person and situation.......well, just yesterday we stopped into the dry cleaner to finally (yes finally) drop off Anthony's chinese outfit that he wore for Chinese New Year and the chinese shirt I wore as well. The Chinese woman commented how we must have bought these in China. I said yes, we did when we adopted our son in September. She said, "Ohhh, don't you have any children of your own." I said, "Yes, the boy I just told you about and we are going back for a second one." She did smile and then asked why not a girl. I said that this boy was just meant to be ours and perhaps a girl will be next! She smiled again and said that we were very special and kind, I told her no, we were blessed.
I then returned smiling to my husband and our own son in the car and shared with Eric my first encounter with the weird adoption questions. Do we have any children of our own? Ahhhh yeah, he is ours. I know she wasn't trying to mean and I didn't take it offensively at all, I just kinda smiled at the whole thing and yeah ok, I laughed inside. From what I understand, most of the time people ask if you have any real children. Ahhh yeah, -pinch the kid- he's real or no, I only bring the fake ones out of the house. We did this adoption training online and they shared some pretty funny lines (depending of course the situation or the person).

Anyway, I just thought it was funny. And after just stubbing my toes on the table my fake son (ha ha) saw me going owwww-cause I broke one of those toes about 2 weeks ago chasing my crazy dog in slippers (another story) - and Anthony looked at me and blew me a kiss!!! Yes, all better!!!!

So where are we in the process for son #2? We are stilllllll waiting. We get our biometrics done tomorrow which will get UCSIS approval. That then needs to be notarized and certified and all that stuff.....then we get our dossier logged into China!!!! Yeah!!! They are now estimating end of September or early October. We are getting closer to a name though. We finally decided to write down the names we like (a novel idea) and that has helped us narrow it down a soon, we think! the way, those adoption trainings were VERY useful all around. That wasn't the only piece we used, just the one that I got a big laugh about! We truly felt we were very prepared with all of the trainings and not that you can be prepared with everything - just like real parenting (couldn't resist), but it helped.

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