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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Care package to China

YAY!!! Our boys received our care package today - the above picture and the photo albums we made as well! We are so excited to hear that they are seeing pictures of us for the first time today! Pictures of their forever family!

We also received our NVC letters yesterday getting us yet another little bit closer to our boys! We are still estimating an early March China trip but of course we are not completely sure yet. Plus the Chinese New Year is February 19th so that can bring delays depending on what paperwork is completed by then. Then of course we have our house up for sale and that can provide some delays depending again where we are in the process and if it sold sell (we are looking for a house better suited for our growing family so please add that to your list of prayers). 

Not only did we hear that our boys received our package today but we unfortunately heard that we were denied by yet another grant agency. I guess our 3rd & 4th adoptions in 3 years doesn't qualify. Anyway, we need your help! We are re-launching our shirt fundraiser. If you didn't grab one yet, please consider doing so. We are also looking to reach a bigger audience and have made flyers to hang in your work place or your church or really ANYWHERE! Please respond to this post with your email and I can send you a flyer that you can hang up and people can just pull a tab to have the information. Please, please consider helping us out!

We have seen so many generous donations already and are so grateful ( & an overly generous one on the last day of 2014 to our Reece's Rainbow account - from a couple we don't even know! WOW! Praise God). We are still pretty far off from being even half funded and could use your help! Please think about helping us - about helping TWO MORE ORPHANS!
Thank you! And tonight my 6 year old son and I prayed for God to help the children in the orphanages who don't have families yet - for God to help those Momma's and Dadda's find their children - please pray with us!

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