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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Park pictures

Let's start with some GREAT pictures first!

Our backyard first.

Love the hair!!!!

Put Anthony up in the tree and he held on tight (even drooling). Put Gabriel up there and he loved it - we have our daredevil!

Had to drag all three boys home for nap time!

Can not even begin to list the reasons why I love this shot...ok, maybe just one reason of the many - I love the way Anthony is just so confident while he walks his little brother.

Are you dying over this pictures like me?! (I am the Momma, so I am expected to I suppose, but come on, they are GREAT!)

We are having a great time. Gabriel is really adjusting well - yeah so ok yesterday he cried over just about everything and anything - and he cried a lot - but he is doing well. We had a great day today. We got up to walk Anthony to the bus stop - this poor skinny minnie was shaking it was so cold (ok, momma still learning here - forgot the blanket). Then he inhaled scrambled eggs. He had a quiet bath which means no screaming because there are bubbles in the tub or I put soap in his hair. He played until - yes, again -he was cold this time not shaking but purple lips (gotta get some fat on this boy). Dried him off, lathered him up, dressed him - no crying, no tears! So we headed to story time at the library. We walked in and he looked around then there it went - the screaming! I completely got why he screamed and cried. I think that it reminded him of the orphanage. He had to go back once a month to be measured and I'm sure there were lots of foster families with babies there. So we walked out. He continued to scream in the library (ohhh well). I took him to the play area and we sat by a bear that gives hugs (one of the many words he knows) and he laughed and smiled. Soon I was able to get him to walk around a little and then we walked right into the story time while they were dancing and playing music (perfect timing for a kid who loves both). It didn't take long for him to join in the fun! He was so good! He participated, he laughed, he played! It was great. The rest of the day went just as well. Some crying over nap time (which he never cries about - not since China) but overall a great day! Anthony and I got to do a little one on one learning about long and short and the same and different and recognizing 1-5 items without counting and writing and lots of good stuff like that (we are using Gabriel's nap time for his learning time. (By the way, although yesterday was tough with Gabriel crying and Eric returning to work - Anthony didn't have school so when he got up we read "When you give a moose a muffin" and then we made muffins just like we use to). Gabriel is beginning to learn to "wait' - where he cried yesterday immediately after asking him if he was hungry, today he made the eggs with me so he learned to wait and for dinner he walked around with his plate waiting to eat. (yes, he get's the plates and cups out for him and Anthony to eat).

He is just too precious! Anthony is such a great big brother (although today when he heard Gabriel through the monitor he said "ohh no")! So Gabriel gets real funny after dinner time. I can see how the foster family kept him up until 11 or 12 because he is extra stinking cute later in the night! He laughs and smiles and runs and dances all over the place! Ahhh, he is cute - but yes, we are getting him to bed much earlier!

Well, I had better wrap things up so I can get plenty of sleep to be ready for anything tomorrow!!! Thank you for checking in and thank you for all of your support, wishes and prayers! Please share some of that prayer time with the many orphans that continue to wait for their forever families! Blessings to you and yours!!!!

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