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Sunday, August 24, 2014

More great connections!!!

WOW, wow, wow.....we just received an email from the young man who was at camp with Matthew and our hearts just melted (this has been happening a lot with these two boys). I just have to share:

...I just recently got back from Yantai China! While I was there I volunteered at Bring Me Hope Summer Camp! I was granted two orphans to hang out with along with a translator! I had two older guys! However during the week I grew a little shadow! And his name was *****!  

I fell in love with ***** the first time I met him. Even though he was not part of my family group at camp, we became the best of friends. He is the sweetest kid I've ever met and this little guy has had the biggest impact on my life within a matter of a couple of days. **** was the sweetest kid you will ever meet and we became very close throughout the week at camp.  Every assembly he would walk all the way across the room to sit on my lap and wouldn't move unless I did. He would come to my table at dinner to check if I was finished eating the only meal I ever ate there "my bowl of rice". When we went to the beach he wouldn't go in if I didn't and wouldn't get out if I didn't. It soon came clear to me that this he loved me and didn't care where I was from or my past. Everyday my heart grew heavier knowing that this amazing kid lived in a orphanage and he didn't have a family to love him unconditionally like everyone should.

On the last day it was about an hour before we had to say our final goodbyes to all the kids! When he left he gave me the most heart wrenching letters I've ever gotten! He cried so hard and didn't wanna leave. Saying bye to ***** was very hard for me, but during that moment I got some of the best News ever! That he was getting adopted!

Mrs. Pellegrino I just wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart! Knowing that ***** will get home, with an amazing family that loves him is the greatest thing ever! He was the greatest kid I've ever met, and I'm sure you will find out soon enough! Thank you so much Kim! God bless!

Seriously, do we know how to pick them or what?????!!!!!! Sounds like we will have four amazing boys on our hands!!!! We are so grateful that this young man got to love on our son at camp. It is just amazing to hear!!! We look forward to having him Skype with Matthew when he gets home!! 

And speaking of which....we got our I-800A approval this week. Once that gets sent out for I think county certification then all of our paperwork (dossier) goes to China!!! YEAHHHHHH!!!! So blessed.

Through someone else adopting from the same orphanage we were able to get the orphanage website!!! With a little help from Google translate we are reading all about the different things are boys are doing. There are many pictures of Matthew on the site (I think maybe one of Michael) but it's so great to keep getting these special tid-bits of information about our boys! The orphanage seems to do many outings with the kids - one of the better orphanages for sure!

I hope to get to share some more pictures soon. Please pray for a special family that is heading to China at the end of the month. They are going to bring home their little girl - that same little girl that our Michael helped at camp (last post)....thank you Jesus!!!!

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