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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Yeah for PA (pre-approval)!!!

Yeha!!! Our second PA (pre-approval) came in last week (sorry for the late announcement) so I can now share his picture as well! 

Here he is:

So handsome!!!! Here is the first picture I saw of him:

And here is one of my favorites:
He just turned 9 early April and we are hoping to bring him home BEFORE his tenth birthday. The process takes a long time and we aren't able to reuse any of our paperwork again (crazy - we live in the same house and had to have our water checked again and the fire department come in again, etc etc). 

And just to make it fair, here are some more favorite pictures of .......hey, I think we can announce possible names.... you already "met" Matthew above and now "meet" Michael:

Seriously, this kid is handsome!!!!

Thanks for checking in! Please continue to pray for us and the many kids who are aging out (for their 14th birthday they are no longer adoptable according to China)....keep in mind that these two boys only just had their paperwork processed - they were in orphanages for 9-10 years and no families ever even had the chance to call them son...until now...

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