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Saturday, February 7, 2015

The excitement, the anticipation, the just everything.....

Can't help but share the cuteness first!!!! Here are our boys just a few days ago:

With these pictures we also received a vague update that includes how Michael is outgoing and good at communicating with others. He also likes learning and playing. We are told that Matthew is very active and has a strong athletic ability. He likes sports and playing games.

We also wanted to share a little bit of the very sweet letters that our boys wrote us after we sent them a care package that included photo albums for each of them.

From Michael
Daddy and Mommy, and little two brothers. Hi, I really like that you sent me the toys. I really like it because I saw the camera, photo's, toys and books. "Matthew" and I have been friends for many years. Daddy and Mommy, how long have you been teachers? I hope you are waiting for me and "Matthew' in the USA. Do you say the pledge of allegiance to the flag every Monday? In China we raise the flag every Monday morning. 
(then he shares about another friend he has).

From Matthew:
Daddy, Mommy and 2 little brothers. Hello! I really like you sending me the toys and camera. "Michael" and I are best friends. If we become family and brothers can we be best friends? Ok? I really like you and mom. Me and "Michael" both like this family - mommy, daddy and two brothers. I love you guys. 
(then he shares about his friend other as well). 

So many very exciting things happening! We received our Article 5 last week and are really so close to getting our travel approval. From that point we request a consulate appointment and we generally travel about two weeks after travel approval!!!!!!!!! So far we are still looking at early March. Chinese New Year is February 19th and everything pretty much closes from about President's day (16th) through the end of February. We would need to have our travel approval and consulate appointment scheduled before everything closes. This is VERY POSSIBLE.

It was funny today when I was putting out a snack that includes pepperoni which the boys love. Anthony especially loves to be very dramatic about eating a hot piece of pepperoni. He likes to hang his tongue out of his mouth and put his hands around his neck. It's quite the performance - every time. I was laughing about how he is going to show that to his older brothers. I told him how his older brothers won't know a lot of English so how did he think he would tell them the pepperoni was hot - sure enough he did the act. We can not wait for all of these brothers to get together! And Gabriel repeats a lot of what Anthony says so we were laughing about how in the world was he going to repeat what three older brothers were saying!!! It is so close!!!! Sooooo close! Soon these boys who are already in our hearts will be in our arms! The excitement, the anticipation, the just everything is just so overwhelming, so unbelievable, so everything - the best of the best that life has to offer is in these four beautiful boys. We are so grateful to everyone who has stood by us in these decisions, to everyone who has so generously supported us, to everyone who has continuously prayed for us and although we all know that the opportunity to adopt starts out with pain and loss for the child and the families, we are grateful to God for asking us to be their Momma and Dadda.

Please pray for those who don't have someone to call Momma and Dadda......there are just too many out there - even one is too many and there are millions of too many's!

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