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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Matching grant, time is running out!!!!

PLEASE consider even donating a small amount to our Reece's Rainbow account --> ---> to the right of this post. Some very generous people have given us a $400 matching grant. If we raise that $400 BEFORE TODAY AT 8PM (EST) then it will double to $800. Currently we have $9933.59 and it needs to read $10, 120.19. This money has been allocated for our travel - for us to be able to go to China and bring our two boys home! We are $186.60 shy of reaching our mark and only a hand full of hours away! Please share our blog, please consider a donation, please be part of the big picture of helping to orphans come home to their Momma and Dadda (& two little brothers as they say in their letters which we will share soon)!!!

Don't wait - time is running out!
And yes, please say an extra prayer that we can raise the money to take advantage of this opportunity some very generous people have given us!
 Thank you!

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