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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

T-shirts relaunched and LID (log in date) in China

Since so many people have asked "where can I get that great t-shirt?" we have launched it again. Since it's our second run we only need a minimum of 10 to have them printed and about that many have asked. So please share, share share

(the white dotted line on the back photo is not on the shirt)

ANDDDDDDDD.....we have an October 10 log in date (LID) for China. That means our paperwork is in the hands of those that be in China and we are yet another BIG step closer to brining home our two older boys. It is still too early to say when we will travel - it will definitely be next year (hopefully sooner than later but always remembering it will be on God's time, not ours).

Thank you for the continuous support! Please pray for our boys who know that they have a forever family trying so hard to bring them home. They do not understand what goes into bringing them home. Let's pray that they wake up every morning excited knowing that they have a family and that if that rise of excitement isn't the day, then let them rest easily knowing that the day will come - my heart breaks and worries for my babies that they will be sad waiting - God please watch over them and keep them close to each other as brothers are meant to be! AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!

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