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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Less than one month to travel!!!!

WOW, wow, wow!!!! We are all set for travel from August 30 to September 12th - a shorter trip thanks to a lucky break on the consulate appointment being earlier in the week. My friend and neighbor is joining me while Dadda stays home with Anthony.

And get this......Anthony and Gabriel will forever share the same exact Gotcha day of September 2nd!!!  Usually the "pass off" date (gotcha day) is on a Monday but Anthony's was on a Sunday - Gabriels on a Monday - so it works exactly one year later!!!! We are so blessed!

Thank you everyone who has helped us get to this point one way or another.....there is still lots to do and lots of way to help. Please consider offering assistance and of course prayers! Thank you!!!!

For Him....

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