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Friday, July 12, 2013

Great day today!!!

On Gabriel's 2nd and last birthday without his forever family, we finalized Anthony's adoption today at the courts. Although his adoption was already finalized in China it is more of a procedural thing in order to get his birth certificate - but it was still nice (I know for Korea it is a big deal as only then is the adoption final). It was funny because we were the only family and two people came up to us to ask if there was anyone else joining us - "ahhh, no, just us three". I guess it  is common to have more people - made me wonder whether or not we were suppose to get pictures with the judge.

We also received our Article 5 today - that might as well be Chinese to those not familiar with adoption procedures- that means only one more piece of paperwork in the paperwork puzzle to get! We get our travel approval very soon. If it happens in the next week, then we travel mid August - if it happens the week after we travel the end of August. (Eric looked and the prices are mega high for travel to China for the mid August, yikes - this short notice is a killer on the pocket)!. So we are getting close!!!!

We also - yes there is more - think (are pretty sure) that we have a very sweet widow to work with on our Both Hands project. We are going to visit her home on Sunday but I will say that God had his hands all over this one (not that he doesn't on it ALL) - I will fill you in with the details soon!

And YES THERE IS MORE!!!! If you recall we filled out many grant applications and with that got many denials - as I opened todays letter I said to myself, great another one down - WRONG!!!! A $1000 check with a kind letter saying we were approved and they will continue to pray for us! A very special thank you to Families Outreach for helping to bring our little angel Gabriel home!

Thank you all who have also offered up prayers and assistance. We can't wait to share this little one with everyone!!

PS....Happy Birthday to my sweet little peanut Gabriel - Momma's coming to get you real soon!!

For Him...

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