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Sunday, January 13, 2013

The new Pellegrino's

Hi, we are the Pellegrino’s. We recently returned from China with our 4-year-old son Anthony. Anthony was one of 800 children in his orphanage in the province of Gansu. His cleft lip and palate was likely the reason he was abandoned. We only wish that his birth family could see the thriving, happy, beautiful child he has become since arriving in our home. He has adjusted so well and we thought we couldn’t be happier. That was until our heart’s ached when we saw a photo listing with yet another beautiful orphan (inserted in our family picture above & he fits perfect). We knew that “Timothy” was destined to be Anthony’s little brother. This little 18 month old has psychomotor development delays and most likely will remain in an orphanage for his lifetime due to the unknowns of his condition. He is in need of a family like ours to share the same love we have already begun to provide our first son. The cost of adopting is in the tens of thousands of dollars and with both of these adoptions so close in time, we are forced to reach out to people like you for assistance. Although we are both schoolteachers we are operating as a one-income family so Momma can stay at home with Anthony and provide him with the support he needs. This is extremely important in adoption and will need to continue when “Timothy” comes home. We are kindly asking for any personal gifts you can offer, whether they are in the form of products/services we can raffle off or use in our silent auction or in the form of a monetary donation. We appreciate anything to help bring our child home. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions. We estimate that we will meet our new son and bring him home from China in October of 2013. Thank you for your attention and may your 2013 be filled with as much excitement as ours!

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